Jesús Gómez "Keys"

Valladolid (Spain)

1985-1986 Cassidy

alone with my organ Bontempi HP544/20 and a synth Yamaha CS01II borrowed, then already with my first synth, a Korg Poly-800 "reverse keys", a drum machine Roland TR-505 and the organ

1987-1989 Sri Lanka

pop group with two guitars and a singer, I with the keys, the bass sequences and the drums with the drum machine

1988-1990 Parte de Faltas

group of IES Ramón y Cajal of Valladolid

1990 Orquesta La Suite

1990-1997 Sistema Operativo

electronic music, alone again

1990 Greta y Los Garbo

very shortly after not signing the first contract, and that I still have, they started recording their first LP

1991 El Pajar del Abuelo

folk group with which he arrives to perform at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona

1993 DJ Curro Puertas

party The Top 40 together with Whigfield, Viceversa, Estrategia, Santuario, ...

1994 David Saludes

arrangements and keyboard player for live

1996-1998 Orquesta Eclipse

1998-2018 DReam m@chine

electronic music, solo and with a new name, I was one of the 5 semifinalists of Valladolid in the Imaginarock '99 of Cadena 100

2002 Casablanca Quartet

2003-2006 Orquesta Paralelo Sur

2015 Orquesta Delicia

2016-2018 Orquesta Materia Prima

In addition to numerous tunes in my city for Canal 10 Onda Delicias, FM Express and Radio Iscar, the music of start, end and all the sections of the program "Punto de Mira" of the Canal 48 TV Valladolid, the tune for the first ad of TV of Retecal in Castilla y León, etc.


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